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I am a Finland-based mixed-media artist, born in a small village in the southern part of Finland. My roots lie in Carelia and Ostrobothnia. I’ve always been a free creative spirit; painting, story-telling, singing, playing instruments: started with finger-colours my parents sometimes let me paint on a wall. I was also talented in music so I attended the Conservatory of Lahti (Concis) for ten years and got a diploma from violin playing at the age of sixteen.

I was often brought to see exhibitions, theatre plays, concerts. I attended art and painting lessons already as a child, continued through high school, but did not thrive to artistic career, as for many years I was very confused on what I wanted to do in life. Finally I studied Italian Philology and Political Sciences at the University of Helsinki.

Later on I ended up working in the fields of design, architecture and photography in Italy and Chile as assistant or PR. I do think these experiences have been fundamental in my personal as well as professional growth.

In Chile I got to know an incredible visual artist Mercedes Fontecilla. I sent her a couple of sketches of mine and she encouraged me to join her acrylic painting laboratory in 2013-15, sometimes in group, sometimes individually. I owe so much to her as she brought back to life my personal desire to paint and communicate through visual arts. She truly helped me to re-discover sides of me that had been kind of hiding for years.

In my work I use analogue and digital techniques, currently gouache in paintings, sometimes aquarelle, but mostly only when sketching. I get inspiration from music (I need music to paint, otherwise my mind is kind of lost) and take a lot of photographs of nature and elements, but most of all I get inspiration from people I meet and their stories. There is someone in all of my artworks. 

Currently I am also working on my first art installation that will be shown at Nice Art Expo in April 2022.



“Awakening to reality” May 26th/ June 10th, 2021 @ Coffee and Cocktails, peckham, London UK: a group exhibition by SKT Spaces, by invitation.

“Fake Space”: Through a mirror part II. NOVEMBER 4th 2020 / DECEMBER 4th 2020: a group exhibition by SKT Spaces: 3 works on display  virtually, @ 3D Mercato Metropolitano, London,  UK (ongoing, by invitation)

“Art is why I wake up in the morning”: Through a mirror. OCTOBER  14th 2020 / OCTOBER 31st 2020: a group exhibition by SKT Spaces: 4 works on display @ Paper Dress Vintage, Hackney, London (by invitation)

“I have a dream”: 7 works  @ instagram online exhibition, JULY 22nd 2020

“restART THE PLANET” April 13th/ June 11th, 2021 @ ARTFIX, BADIANI, WHEREFROM UK: a group exhibition by SKT Spaces, by invitation.

“Nice Art Expo”: Salon d’Art International incontournable de la Côte d’Azur, Nice Art Expo expose, sur plus de 4000 m2, artistes internationaux et galeries de renom, sélectionnés par un comité d’experts. APRIL 08th / APRIL 10th: a group exhibition by SKT Spaces, by invitation

Film projects:

“Suddenly the silence //  E all’improvviso come un silenzio”

experimental vertical short film written and directed by Alessandro La Fauci: co-producer, actress, locations, costumes, subtitles, distribution to various film festivals 

2020 – under development
“The Ant Killer”: a film written and directed by Veera Elli Aliisa Pajula

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